First cut of a chisel in an existing boxer for an opening and installation of a DIY pocket. Folds sewn to curve the pocket, it covers but it's not terrible.


prototype sabordsprototype-sabords-boxer

There it does not get better, special mention for the end of the pocket in white ...


Casually the shape of the hole cut is refined, for the rest, going up the fabric to the top does not add much.


Working on the covering pocket, I tighten the end of the pocket so that it envelops the penis more.

Except that there, it is the diaper, will have to reduce all that, the start of a hallucinating number of prototypes.


It becomes clearer, there are still secret seams that will be the subject of a patent filing that will be issued more than a year later. The Ministry of the Armed Forces will release me from the obligation of secrecy to which I was bound, with regard to the imperatives of national defense. No, it's not a fighter plane.



Here we go seriously, first prototype out of the garment workshop, professional stitching changes everything.

The patronage of the pocket sometimes modified to the millimeter and each time production times which is added to the long period of testing. Wear it all the time, analyze the reasons for defects in use and remake a prototype over and over again.

The first photos in my archives date from 2016, which is to say the time passed, because totally new to the field, it seems through this that the most daring innovations arrive ...


In a same time, creation of the pattern for the belt, in quality I take the best, woven pattern and fine interior foam, comfort and longevity, no planned obsolescence at home. First order in the factory: 2000 meters minimum. I can walk 2 km watching my rubber band unrolled, lol.

For the reason, I do not want to be like the others with the name of the brand repeated all around. I'm going for something discreet, elegant with a certain virility and above all which can be perfectly matched to the assembly seam. There is only one step to hook up if I may say so ... but it is above all perfect vis-à-vis the maritime nature given by the name of the brand Sabords that I gave it.

I remind you that the portholes are openings on the side of the ships through which the guns exit, a little wink of course, but it is also a very practical men's underwear at sea allowing you to urinate while holding one hand to the boat.


Cotton quality: organic, of course, so as not to favor chemical crops and to take care of my privacy.

Finding a brand name that is not registered is not so easy, once resolved, the logo remains.

After some inconclusive typography tests, I go on what represents, what formally defines my men's underwear, namely the cover pocket and the opening.


The shape of a coat of arms appears, a play of shadow and light evokes the curvature and emphasizes the presence of the opening


A touch of color to make it more visible, a touch of red is necessary in my opinion, color of alert and piracy.


Rather happy with my job, I have been wearing SABORDS briefs and boxers for over two years now and I am happy to be able to share and offer them to you for sale.