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SABORDS underwear is totally adapted to the functional anatomy of men.

- Special features of men's underwear: Our new men's underwear is the result of in-depth research aimed at redefining the daily wearing experience. Here are some of the revolutionary features that set our products apart.

Access to the penis without pulling the elastic belt: An intelligent opening allows easy access to the penis without requiring manipulation of the elastic belt, offering unparalleled convenience.

- Dissociation of the genital organs: The innovative design ensures dissociation between the penis and the testicles, guaranteeing a perfect fit and an unrivaled feeling of freedom.

- Soft covering Flap: A soft layer covers the penis, offering optimal comfort and a feeling of lightness, as if you were wearing nothing.

- Natural Position of the genital organs:Our underwear guarantees a natural position of the male genitals, ensuring incomparable well-being.

- Possibility of unhindered erection:The design allows a full erection without the need to manipulate the underwear, offering uncompromised freedom.

- Comfort and adaptability: The dissociation between the penis and the testicles prevents perspiration, ensuring a feeling of freshness and comfort all day long.

- Urinating with one hand: Our unique design allows for convenient use even in demanding situations such as at sea.

The possibility of washing the foreskin without removing the underwear guarantees impeccable hygiene.

- Superior quality manufacturing: The "Sabords" briefs and boxers require numerous seams with precise adjustment, requiring great dexterity from the seamstresses of the French hosiery industrial area in Troyes, they are made with certified organic cotton, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and the well-being of users..

-Continuous innovation: In our new 2024 collection, we are introducing an additional distinctive feature: the inside of the cover pockets will be different in color, thus starting a new path of development in the design of SABORDS men's underwear.

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